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LBF18 – TFNOR Warmup Mixes

Luminosity Beach Festival 2018 is getting closer with great speed! 4 days of trance madness with some of the best DJs in the world gathered on the beach of Bloemendaal in Holland.

As the previous years some of the Norwegian DJs have gathered to make our very special warm up mixes. It started with one, expanded to two and three, before having four unique DJs doing what we love the most. This year it is even more special. For the first time we are having an official Trancefamily Norway mix series by the crew and others. Each DJ gets one of the days from the event and makes a warm up mix with artists performing that day. This year the DJs are Astrofegs, Robinson, ilirea and Eich. As a special treatment, skoen will be making an overall warm up mix for you to enjoy as well!

Get ready for over 10 hours of trance madness brought to you from the cold (not really these days) north.

Fantastic DJ Mixes from AstroFegs, Eich, Ilirea, Skoen & Robinson.

Enjoy and we’ll see each other at the beach in Zandvoort! Luminosity Beach Festival 2018